Thursday, March 10, 2011

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Airplane Dominoes Packaging

I designed this a few years ago in my Graphic Design class. We had to design a vintage looking package design for a set of Double Six Airplane Dominoes. I looked at some packaging from the 30s and 40s to analyze popular design styles, and BAM! I found my inspiration. This was my first attempt and packaging, and I believe it was a success. Looking at this design today, I can see a few things I would have done differently, mainly to get it to print better than it did. There were a lot of important things about design I didn't know then, but I did learn some good stuff in that class, especially about typography.

Ft. Scott Community College Logo Design

In the same class, I also designed this unofficial logo for Ft. Scott Community College to enter in a contest they were hosting when they were looking for a logo. They never ended up using any of the designs submitted and ended up keeping their current logo for a while before hiring an outside company. One of the things they wanted to do was change their image to more modern and "happening" place to continue their education. I analyzed contemporary designs and came up with this incorporating their school colors. 

8 Gates Natural Health LLC.

This was my first professional project. I designed these logos for 8 Gates Natural Health LLC., along with the website along with other jobs for the business. 8 Gates is a local Kansas City business my sister started; visit the site if you want to know more. I tried to find the simplest way to describe the business in a single image. I designed these at the same time the business was starting up so it was important to create the brand image the client wanted. I used a fusion of Chinese characters, the caduceus symbol so widely recognized with medicine, and even a almost hidden "8". I also continued the theme by using Chinese characters for for the links on the website. I continue to design for 8 Gates; this often includes business card designs, print designs for advertising and marketing, and some advanced website maintenance.

Lanny W. Smith

My second professional job was designing a logo and the initial website for Lanny W. Smith, a local solo vocalist in the Kansas City area. His music is primarily religious and uplifting, so I used the sky background on the website and used his preferred colors of yellow and blue.  This was my first job where I didn't really already know the client and my reputation was on the line, but I worked quickly and the client ended up very happy with the result. I do not maintain the website and was only responsible for the original design.

And More Coming Soon...

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